“Who Are We? CV!”

“What are We? Family”

“What do we do? Charity”

“Who do we serve? Community”

“So who are we? CV!”

There are many awesome reasons to volunteer with CV! It’s a great way to make friends, learn new skills, help the community and it looks great on your résumé.

CV! aims to become one of the most recognised university volunteer service in Malaysia.

CV! provides all members of Curtin Sarawak community the opportunity to develop and ethic of service by connecting campus and community through service and experience

CV! promotes the spirit of volunteerism among Curtin community and make students involve in events and community service activities which can make a difference in the society for a better tomorrow.

Here is an in-depth look on the divisions of Curtin Volunteer

The presidential division liaise with Unilife and communicate the message to the team. They supervise and overlook the team as a whole.

The Treasury Division allocates budget for every CV! events. The division also handles transactions and funding of CV! They also are responsible for fund raising events.

The Secretary Divsion is in charged of room booking, documentation, formal letters and press release. They note and comply the minutes of meeting of any CV! meeting.

The division takes care of administration aspects; sending out mass email and recruiting volunteers for in-campus and out-campus programs.

Community Service CS in short organises charity events for the community and enchanting students’ experience on volunteering for charity. The division is mainly in charged of our signature John Curtin Weekend project.

Personal Advancement The division or in short PA organises orientation programs for new students with the Unilife Department. PA also recruits and trains Orientation Leaders.

Social, Recreational & Arts Division SRA in short, the division is in charged of the publicity of the organisation. The division manages CV! social media sites and CV! own website. They are the head of the media and design; in charged of all CV! promotional campaigns and posters.


  • When it comes to landing that dream job after university, your volunteering could make all the difference. More and more employers are looking toward community service as the distinguishing factor amongst applicants.

    Having volunteering service on your resume can show you:

    Are committed

    • Are experienced within a field
    • Have initiative
    • Go the extra mile to see tasks through.
  • Volunteering means you get to hang out with like-minded people and expand your circle of friends.

  • Gaining experience in your chosen field:

    • Helps you make better informed decisions about your electives, internships, graduate opportunities and any further studies
    • Gives you the competitive edge when looking for a job.
  • Volunteering gives you the perfect opportunity to practice your English skills as you mix and mingle with other volunteers and the wider community.

  • Volunteering allows you to help others by contributing your time, skills and experience to a worthwhile cause! It’s great fun and you’re bound to feel all warm and fuzzy!

Remembering the Past

Curtin Volunteers want to send their heartfelt wishes to the past executive members to the past executive members who had moulded this organization to what it is today